Happy Chinese New Year

1/365 - The Year of the Tiger

I'm half-Chinese by birth but it's my (non-Chinese) husband that knows all about the Year of the Tiger.  I love him to bits but (admittedly) only half-listen when he talks about this stuff.  I'm interested but also a bit afraid to give it too much energy, in case it becomes self-fulfilling -- at least the bad bits, anyway.

The way he put it, this year could be rife with disputes for us dragons.  The Tiger's nature is ferocious and bold and so we must tread lightly and carefully, so that we don't provoke or anger it.  Or something like that.

For me, it is a new year and that means new beginnings.  While I'm hoping to enjoy harmony in my relationships this year, I will still choose be inspired by the Tiger with this "photo a day" project.  I, too, want to be ferocious and bold and I hope this little homework assignment will show that I can be.

Well, as ferocious as a girl with a camera can be anyway.