Night Terrors


Ever since I laid down this challenge for myself, I've become acutely aware of a fear I have: the fear of taking a bad picture.

All day long, I find myself looking at my everyday surroundings, wondering if today is the day that I can find something new to photograph.  How about this bookshelf?  This plant?  This leaf?  The specks of dust on said leaf?  Is there something anything intriguing here? Please?

Most times, the answer is No.

The fear of having nothing to show for the day is so powerful that it drives me out, out into the middle of a winter storm, hunting for anything I can point my camera at.

I could barely keep my head up, as the flecks of snow made beelines for my eyes.  I ate plenty of snowflakes and none intentionally.

But crazily enough, I felt happy.  I was warm and outside and prepared.  This walk was exactly the kind of walk I've been longing to do for so long but never did.  Before this challenge, I had plenty of excuses (and a total lack of guts).

But I have a goal now.  And that means no more excuses.

Probably doesn't mean the end of taking bad pictures but I can hope anyway.