winterglow 2010 & my first video

This will have to be brief since it's already 9 and I've yet to take my photo for the day (yikes!). Every so often, I'll make a slideshow to send to friends and family, using photos from a recent party or trip somewhere.  I've never made one that was put to music but thought now would be a great time to try.

When I was working on the slideshow for Winterglow, I decided to try my hand at iMovie.  It seems pretty basic as far as video editing software goes.  I've never heard of any pros using it so it's best to think of this attempt as amateur.  But I also decided to go this route because music was such a huge part of the weekend; it would've felt like half the story was missing without it.

So, that said, here is a little ditty from the weekend.

Okay, out to find my photo for the day!  Will be back soon.