A really bad photo of Nicole Kidman and more!

Sorry about all the ultra-late posting.  I've been slapped in the face with film festival fever.  It's meant a lot of line-ups, late nights, late starts and an afternoon spent walking in a daze after seeing the breathtaking Black Swan.  It's wreaked havoc on my real life but blown my fantasy one right outta the water.


Here's a terrible photo of Nicole Kidman arriving for the premiere of her film Rabbit Hole.  If you can't see her, it's because you're clearly not looking closely enough for that teensy weensy bit of red luscious hair that happens to sit at the back of her head.  But don't worry, obviously I couldn't really see her either.


Kinda seemed like the new Thompson Hotel was the place to be during the festival.  But it didn't seem that way on Monday night, at least not at the 24-hour Counter.  Mind you, it would seem that at least some of the people there were just so exhausted from the constant partying that perhaps the quiet was a welcome reprieve.


After a few days with my head in the clouds, it's nice to have family around to keep my feet on the ground.


I totally thought I was over him.  I thought that I could just, you know, respect his work as a talented actor.  But after waiting in line during a torrential rain storm, desperately clutching my soaked ticket while water pooled in my shoes, I expected a lot.  I thought, this better be good.


Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine did not disappoint.  When I found out that he'd be there for a Q&A after the film, darn right I stuck around.  He is so dreamy!  As expected, my inner teeny bopper stalker appeared and I swam against the tide of exiting moviegoers to become one of those girls that just has to be close to him.  Or breathe the same air as him.  Or just take a bad photo of him with my phone, even if it's with another girl.  But whatever, I don't care, he is a bonafide babe.

Anyway, it's been a busy but fantastic week.  Shout-out to my amazing sister-in-law, Lindsay, who snagged me tickets to more movies than I could possibly see.  (She's the best!)

3 more films to go and I can't wait to see where they'll take me.