Interior evolutions.


We like to dream a lot.  Rubbing our chins, heads tilted to the side.  Sighs in every breath.

Telling ourselves, one day there will be built-in storage here.  With sleek white doors that are flush to the wall, concealing our board games, dinner trays, a wine fridge and a multitude of bottles, full of dark liquid vices.

Our home is entering a new chapter in its evolution.

For months, this cavernous cavity sat dark.  Piled high with boxes, their contents long-forgotten, sagging under their own weight.  They sat and waited and waited and waited, hoping their time to shine wasn't long coming.

The sure-to-be-expensive, custom built-in storage we dream of isn't high on the list.  But at least it's on the list and that's enough for now.

Today, this dark corner of our home is alight with a bare bulb and a bounty of balloons.  And is totally busted box-free.

Believe me, it's a welcome improvement.