Home, evolving.


As someone who has lived at 10 or so different postal codes in as many years, the idea of "home" has been very malleable.  And maybe even just a year ago, I wouldn't have said that it was even important.  You know, home being where the heart is and all that.  As long as I was surrounded by people I love, I was home.

But now we actually have a home.  Like with real bricks and mortar and stuff.

Being a nomad at heart, I tried not to get too attached.  When we first moved in, I viewed this house as something temporary, perhaps even fleeting.  Since leaving my parents' house, nowhere has felt particularly permanent.  And I didn't see this place as being any different.

But with all the stories that have started here and the ones not yet started and especially the ones that are far from being finished, it all makes me feel like we're gonna be here awhile.