Foreshadowing eyeshadow.


I've got a not-so-little-anymore niece who lives a few thousand miles away in Edmonton.  She turned 10 in November but said it still feels like she's 9.  We don't see each other very often.

Last summer, we hatched a plan to still have fun and play, despite the distance.  And I'm so glad we did.

Together, page by page, we are filling in a little book with letters and drawings.  Every so often, it'll go from Edmonton to Toronto to Edmonton and back again.  Slowly earning more smudged fingerprints and glitter glue as it goes along.  A few pages back, she drew me a picture and I coloured it in.  And now I'm doing the same for her.

It's not the same as playing patty-cake in person but she's probably too big for that now anyway.