Life living.

I had big plans for this space. Kinda.

I wasn't so sure what I was going to do after I finished my "photo a day for a year" thing.  I thought, maybe, bigger photos?  More photos?  Maybe a marching band with a cascading shower of balloons?  I wanted something big but wasn't quite sure what that would be.

And even though it's been a MONTH already, I still don't quite know.

It feels anti-climatic and anti-big to go back to shooting-slash-sharing a photo a day, especially after taking so much time off.  But maybe that's just the gremlins being gremlin-y.  Where's the parade, they ask.  Who will care, they snicker.

I've heard their rumblings and begrudgings and beratings but, really, I can do whatever I want.  Right?


So... starting today, we're going to return to our regularly scheduled program.

Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your patronage.

In the meantime, here are some photos from last weekend, when the husbo celebrated another year of life living.


You're Never Too Young To Jam

In the summer of 2008, our lovely friends gave birth to a little baby boy nicknamed "Ash."  Here we are visiting Ash when he was just brand-new!

Now, two-and-half-ish years later, here is the husbo (wailing on the tiniest guitar I've ever seen) with our growing-up-so-fast-little-man, banging on the bongos.

I don't know if you can tell, but they are.  Rocking.  Out.


Did I mention that a drum kit has moved into our living room?  No?  Hmm, guess I must've repressed the experience.

But seriously, there's a drum kit in our living room and while I'm not loving it for the amount of space it takes up, I do love how the presence of music in our home has just expanded ten-fold.


You're Never Too Old To Jam

Even Nonno will sit down to play the skins.  His beats had an "old timey" feel to them, too -- so cool!


(And no, he didn't hold back.)


35 years young with the best still to come.