Life, in all its colour.

Green. Alright, so how tired are you of hearing my excuses for not posting more often?  Blah blah blah, busy busy busy -- you get it, I know.

If it helps, I'm pretty tired too.

Of course, I love what I do.  I love our life and I love the people in our life -- but sometimes a girl just needs a break!

But life being the trickster that it is, can sometimes deliver lovely little surprises.

Like this: I went on a location scout with some clients and ended up walking alone through a forest.

Standing beneath a canopy of trees and taking a deep, long breath.




The family recently attended a 50th wedding anniversary party.

What can I say.  There was a lotta love in that room and it was a beautiful thing.








We tell ourselves.  One day we'll go, one day we'll visit.  One day, one day.

And then one day the phone rings and you realize you're too late.