Sneakin' a peek and a post.

OK.  Now I really haven't been here in awhile.  And I'm really, really sorry about that.  (Really.) I've been working hard on some big-type things and, while I'm really excited about it, it also sucks the breath from my chest.  And with the winter chill making itself known, it now takes twice the usual effort to just fall out of bed in the morning.  So, coupling cold weather inertia with big, looming deadlines means for a whole lot less energy for fun things, like updating my blog and showering.


I've also been trolling through a battalion of hard drives, seeing images that I'd hadn't seen in a long time (and actually kinda forgot about!).

So, in lieu of actually showing you any new photos (of which I have none anyway), here's some snaps from the past!


Found these little nuggets from a Simpo dinner my uber-talented and hard-working brother-in-law, Aldo, did a couple years ago.  (Note to self: do not look at these photos while hungry.  Like now.)

My other uber-talented and hard-working brother-in-law, Tony, was there to help, too.


Anyway, looking that kinda made my empty stomach weep so, yeah.  Maybe it's time for bed.

But don't worry, I'll be seeing you soon.