Michelle, these pictures are so amazing, and every time I look through them again, I am so happy.  You and your partner really covered a lot of ground; all that stuff I wanted to know about what was going on, what people were doing in this corner or that, in addition to the main event -- I feel like I got to check all that out through these photos!  The day went by so fast, but it slows down and comes back every time I get to browse through the pics.  Leading up to the wedding, I kept asking people what they wished they could redo if they ever got the chance, and a few people mentioned that they had wished they'd had a better photo situation.  So it was definitely something of concern in the months leading up to our last-minutely planned ceremony.  But, I love these photos! No regrets at all!  Just a lot of gratitude for being able to let us revisit the day as a whole, from so many new perspectives.  You made everyone beautiful.

- Veronica + Will


AMAZING.  So, so spectacular.  Thank you so much, Michelle.  The photos were better than we could have dreamed.

- Jules + Brad


We are so happy to have the photos, they are absolutely beautiful.  You are so talented.  We looked through them and felt like we were living the day all over again.

- Lisa + Joel


We didn't think photos would have the power to bring us back so fully to the joy we felt when we got married, but you managed to capture our day with such honesty and beauty that we can always be transported back.  Thank you for preserving the real joy of the day rather than a staged one.  You helped us see moments we didn't get to appreciate the first time around.  We are so grateful.  Many, many thanks.

- Ellie + Brian


The photos are beautiful!  I can't thank you enough -- you were beyond amazing.  I seriously could not have imagined having anyone else being a part of some of those very special moments.  You really have a true gift.

- Victoria + Ryan


Back from the honeymoon and finally got to see the slideshow!  LOVED IT!!!  You have such an artistic eye!  I absolutely love the hill pictures.  Thank you sooooo much!

- Jennifer + Nima


Every time we talk to someone who's seen the wedding photos, they can't stop talking about how awesome they are.  A million thank yous.

- Dolores + Darrin


Aaaah amazing!  Slideshow is INCREDIBLE.  Michelle - thank you so much.  I love that you got a photo of my mom taking a photo.  So great.  All of the photos just capture the happiness of the day so well.  HIGH FIVE!!!

- Sarah + Pat


Michelle!  Wow.  Thank you so so very much from the bottom of our hearts.  This was a beautiful surprise that brought us to tears. 

- Nathalie + Frank


WOW.  Michelle, you are so talented!  Thank you so much for capturing our day.  Not just in our faces but in the guests, the venue, and all the details.  They are stunning.  Amazing.  Jaw dropping.

- Lindsay + Andrew


Michelle!  The photos are GORGEOUS!!!  We're so pleased with them.  Thanks again for all of your great work, you're so talented and amazing!!!

- Vashti + Simon


Amazing!  These photos are beyond are expectations.  You have really outdone yourself.  Thanks again!

- Katelyn + Kalin


We are SOOOOOOOO excited about the pictures! Thank you oh so very much - they are absolutely stunning... we can't stop looking at them!  They capture us, our family and our day perfectly. 

- Lauren + Matt